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We have won the trust and support of our customers with exquisite technology and production capacity, perfect management and an attitude of keeping improving.
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Provide product related data and technical data, reasonable quotation and budget, and provide overall solution for free packaging.
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A scientific marketing network framework has been established, and market control and guidance have been carried out.

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Jinming Plastic Technology moving customers with quality and persuading customers with quality
Jinming Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2022. The company mainly produces polymer protective film, PE packaging film, fresh-keeping film, heat shrinkable film, degradable film, agricultural greenhouse film, geomembrane, food packaging film and so on to provide strong quality assurance.
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What factors affect the quality of the shrink film? For the specific factors that affect the quality, let's all know about the small tape of the POF shrink film manufacturer!1. The material of the ...
After the heat shrinkable film is used, it can also be recycled. As a manufacturer of POF shrinkable film, let's all know that the heat shrinkable film can be recycled after use!When checking the h...
1. The shrinkage rate is large. After thermal shrinkage, the articles can be tightly wrapped to make PE straight cylinder bags (the openings at both ends of the bag). After thermal shrinkage, the a...
Heat shrinkable film is a kind of packaging used for various products, which plays an important role in stabilizing, covering and protecting products, and has an important impact on the sales and t...
In recent years, sustainable packaging and green packaging have become a hot topic in China's food packaging industry. Driven by the requirements of retailers, public awareness, economic pressure (...
The rapid development of China's packaging industry has caused many environmental problems. An all-round approach to the environmental protection industry can win a great development opportunity fo...
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Company information


Wuzhou Jinming Plastic Technology Co., Ltd
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Telephone:151-7740-8449 Mr. Gong,139-7744-0780 Mr. Le Address:Sihe village, Longwei Town, Longwei District, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region